Yesterday George was outside in the sun watching horse jumping and eating pudding at Spruce Meadows. Today he’s in the grumps because it’s raining and cold outside. Not one to put on a jacket and jump in puddles, George had to come up with some ideas to keep himself busy today.

First, he made pudding. George suggests doing this in the morning to allow time for the pudding to set.

Next, George got out all of the blankets that his Nana made for him and made a pirate ship in the middle of the floor. He looked for a cardboard tube out of the middle of a roll of wrapping paper but he couldn’t find one, so he took the metre stick from the closet and taped a very scary flag onto it. Then he turned on his pirate soundtrack full blast and sailed around the swashbuckling seas. George likes to take the broom and sweep up the other stuffies that get in his way.


After he was done playing pirate, George made himself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. “Never eat grilled cheese without ketchup!” George warns, “Or the pirate George Bones will get you!”

Before his nap, George thought it would be wise to make a mess in the kitchen so Mum would have something to do while he napped. So he got out a Ziploc container and poured out the box of baking soda into it. Then he put drops of food colouring of different colours onto the baking soda (and the floor).


Then he took the giant bottle of vinegar, yelled “bombs away!” and dumped it out (slowly, because he was having trouble holding the bottle up) onto the baking soda.


He kept going until there were bubbles everywhere. George was sent for a nap while Mum cleaned up.

After his nap, George had a pudding and then Mum sent George outside to pull weeds out of the garden. He wasn’t amused, but once he got going he discovered that it’s easier to get weeds out when it’s raining. Plus, there were lots of birds to scare away. Then he went to the park and got his bum wet going down the slide. “I could pee and no one would notice!” George yelled from the top of the slide. He liked that he had the park all to himself.

When he got back home, it was time for dinner and Mum put George to work setting the table with fancy napkins and paper plates. She said she “couldn’t handle doing the dishes tonight,” whatever that means.