Once upon a time
So long ago but true
The old bear Snuffles had a cold
And sneezed til turning blue

He sneezed his brains out all night long
And into the next day
And when he got up out of bed
The sky had turned dark grey

It always happens to these bears
Whenever they get sick
The sky gets sad and starts to cry
And rain comes down like..

“I’m fine, Iā€™m fine!” Snuffles yelled
Into the sky up high
“Go back to being blue again
I’m such a healthy guy!”

But Snuffles wasn’t really fine
So he went straight to bed
The sky stayed grey for seven days
The world was filled with dread

And then on day eight Snuffles woke
He rubbed his eyes and stood
And as he walked the sky turned blue
Just as we knew it would