Once upon a time I think
It was just yesterday
Baby Snuffles had allergies
And sneezed til turning grey

Those polar bears it seems to me
Are almost always sick
It’s no wonder they prefer the ice
When it’s nice and thick

Poor baby Snuffles got himself
A cup of lemon tea
He drank so much he though he’d burst
But then he just went pee

And then he lay down in his bed
And looked up at the wall
It had so much dust on it
A cleaner he had to call!

The cleaners spent about three days
Cleaning out the house
They found beehives and raccoon beds
And eight nests for a mouse

“You need to clean more often”
The cleaners told the bear
And then you’d sneeze less often
And have a gorgeous lair

And now the Snuffles family
Isn’t sick all the time
They clean up each room every day
It’s as shiny as a dime