Jack went out and bought a farm
One morning in the sun
He wanted goats and chickens
To play with and have fun

But what Jack didn’t realize
Was all the mess to clean
You see he’s a domestic pig
He thought messes were mean

But with five goats and seven sheep
And chickens in the shed
Jack did nothing but clean all day
And spend the night in bed

The time now came for Jack to move
He couldn’t clean any more
He’d give the farm to anyone
The mess was such a chore

Then time passed and no one came
And Jack gave up all hope
Then came a Frog with a guitar
And a giant bar of soap

That frog gave Jack a heap of cash
And with that, Jack he ran
The frog pulled out his guitar
And sat down on a garbage can

Jack heard him sing into the night
And into the next day
They say you can still hear him
In the call of a blue jay

Where’s Jack? You ask
Well good ole Jack he never did return
He’ll never clean that mess again
That lesson he did learn