The stuffies were sitting around talking about turkey and counting down the hours until Thanksgiving dinner. All of their talking was making Snuffles hungry so he told them to do a craft. George, Smurfy, and Kermit decided they would participate. Kermit got out red, brown, yellow, and orange construction paper while George got out a pair of scissors and Smurfy found the glue stick.

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Kermit put the brown paper aside and put the red, yellow, and orange neatly in a stack. Then they each took turns tracing their hands onto the red paper, which was on top, being careful to trace one left hand and one right hand.

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This was a challenge for Smurfy, who didn’t realize he had a right hand (who knew?). Then they traced their feet onto the brown paper. Unfortunately George wasn’t paying attention and when he saw the brown paper he yelled “poop!” and tossed it all into the toilet so they had to start over.

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Kermit had to do all of the cutting, and since they forgot to label whose hand and foot was whose, they had a fight over it until lunch time. After they ate grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for lunch, Snuffles helped them sort out the hands and feet and labeled them. Each Stuffy now had a pile with 2 brown feet, 2 yellow hands, 2 orange hands, and 2 red hands.

Kermit showed them how to put the feet together at the toe end and have the arches go in opposite directions. Then he glued them together.

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Next, he glued one red hand to the back of the top of the feet. The other red hand was garbage so George waved them around like he was at a football game.

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Next, he glued one orange hand on each side, hiding the thumb behind the feet.

iPad-2015-09-26- 333

The yellow feet went on last. Kermit says you can switch the yellow and orange feet, as long as you keep them together and you promise never to eat frog legs.

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He used a gluestick but Snuffles says you can use scrapbooking squares instead to avoid getting glue on yourself.

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The Stuffies didn’t have any nice cardstock so they used construction paper but it fades and curls in the sunlight. After the turkeys were all glued together, each stuffy drew eyes with a black marker and glued on a little yellow triangle for the beak. Kermit was disappointed that he couldn’t find any googly eyes to glue on his turkey but after a snack he settled down. Once they were done, Snuffles wrote their names on the back with the year so that next year they can see how much their hands and feet have grown.

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Then he put them up on the fridge where they will stay until Thanksgiving, unless George gets hungry and eats them all.