George likes to do the groceries
But he gets really mad
At the people bumping into him
Whose eyes must be so bad

“I just want to get my cornstarch!”
George yells in the cake aisle
A lady in a vest asks him
To calm down with a nice smile

“Get these people out of my way”
George tells her with a frown
“I need to get more cornstarch
To make pudding in my crown”

But an old guy stands there in the way
And George rams him with the cart
He turns and looks at George real hard
And out comes a laser dart

George did not assess the situation
Properly at all
This was not some old dumb guy
It was the Mighty Big and Tall

The two chased each other round and round
The store til for many hours
You still might hear them yelling
“You can’t have my pudding powers!”