George is in the hospital
Sitting on a chair
He has a lot of pudding pain
But the nurse just doesn’t care

The waiting room is awful
It smells of puke and old
Then the nurse gives him a blanket
So at least he’s no more cold

After four long hours
His name gets called to come
But George stands up too quickly
And falls down on his bum

The doctor comes right over
And puts George in a bed
But really it’s a stretcher
And its last patient is dead

George gets in a panic
When the nice nurse pokes his arm
And all the tape is sticky
It’s like he’s on a honey farm

He goes down for an x-ray
By following the dots
His IV bangs and clangs and rolls
And crashes into cots

George gets some medication
And at midnight he can go
They give him a nice popsicle
But he drops it on his toe

So George goes home in the same state
As how he had come in
Crying and inconsolable
Today was not a win