George is wearing a machine
That measures his heart beating
He stuck it to a fence post
But then he got caught cheating

The doctor looked upon the strip
And noticed the flat line
“By golly George, how are you alive?
How can you talk and dine?”

“Well, you see, good doctor sir,
I’m filled with such great stuff
That is too good for your machine
It’s just not sensitive enough”

The doctor looked upon our George
With a confused look on his face
“But George, the machine is working now
It’s showing your heart trace”

“Oh dear,” thought George, I’m busted now
Whatever will I do?”
The doctor saw him pondering
“It’s time to deal with you!”

“Because of your bad cheating,
No more pudding in your diet
And with your high blood pressure
You must learn to keep quiet!”

George wasn’t sure what he’d miss more
Those were his favourite things
He loves to yell about pudding
And more treats fit for kings

But health is so important
He must exercise and eat less
So later when he becomes a king
He won’t be a big bad mess