Nathan went to Paris, France
On Tuesday around noon
It was hot and sticky all around
This was Paris in June

Nathan walked up to the Arc
To admire its great height
But he couldn’t get up to the top
So instead he grabbed a bite


He found a café called King George
So he hopped around inside
But George was nowhere to be found
He had missed his ride

Then Nathan hopped up on
The hoponhopoff tour bus
He yelled each time he saw the Arc
The passengers made a fuss

They kicked poor Nathan off the bus
So he walked around the Seine
Until he got so hungry
He thought he would go insane

He got himself a Croques Monsieur
With lemonade to drink
He ate it up so super fast
He turned a bright red pink

Off to the Tower Eiffel
To climb up its great height
Then Nathan found an elevator
He knew this was just right

At the top he went outside
And looked as far as he could see
It was even more beautiful
Than he’d seen in a movie

Darkness came and it was time
For Nathan to go home
But he’ll come back to Paris soon
The penguin loves to roam