Alfie hopped upon a plane
And took it into London
He really wanted to see the sights
And take a trip to Downton

He also wanted Paddington
To have lunch at noon
But Paddington was mesmerized
With marmalade on his spoon

So Alfie headed to the square
To see Lord Nelson up on high
He stood there for several hours
He worshipped that Naval guy

Then he got so hungry
He thought that he was done
So he went to Cheshire Cheese
And got pot roast and a bun


Then he headed to the church
The brilliance of St. Paul’s
He loved Lord Nelson’s tomb
And the artwork on the walls


But Alfie’s favourite part
Was at the old stone Tower
He pretended he’d been hung for theft
Escaped, and stole the power

The staff asked the penguin to leave at once
So he went over to the Eye
He went round and round so many times
He thought his eyes would cry


When the time came for sweet Alfie
To get a plane and come on home
He cried as any penguin would
He really loves to roam