George got up and got to work
Once upon a time
But we know that George never works
He sits and makes up a rhyme

Christmas was six days ago
And now the tree is down
Even Boxing Day is over
George is wearing a big frown

So he sits depressed under the tree
The presents are all done
Even the cookies have parted ways
It’s just turkey in a bun

Poor George needs some good cheering up
So Snuffles comes to help
He tells George that it’s New Year’s
And at midnight he can yelp

“I have permission to be loud?”
George asked with a big grin
“Yes, and eat and dance and hoot,
And pop balloons with a pin!”

“Oh I can’t wait to do all that!”
George laughed and stood up tall
But George can’t stand so when he tried
He took a nasty fall

“I’m okay,” he yelled out loud
To everyone around
“It’s New Year’s so I can do what I want
And you can’t make a sound.”