George sits on the big green couch
And talks to the nice Kyle
Who listens to him ramble on
And tells him about the dial

There are two dials that work in sync
One up, the other down
George turns up the calming dial
When he feels like he might drown

George gets really nervous
When he thinks about the game
He says if his team loses
Then he’s the one to blame

But George is just a bubble
In life’s great soda can
If he misses the big goal tonight
I’ll still be his biggest fan

Kyle is helping George to see
That getting mad doesn’t help him
Instead he should try healthy things
Like going to the gym

Kyle’s teaching him lots of things
Like how to breathe and just be still
George wants to see him every week
But he couldn’t pay the bill

So in between his visits
George tries to do his best
He thinks about the here and now
And forgets about the rest