George was doing all he could
To get out of his funk
He cleaned the house and mowed the lawn
And sold some stuffy junk

He danced around the house all night
To his music playing loud
Then he took the car out
And tried to drive up on a cloud

He mowed the lawn at 2am
Even though it was now snowing
He just had to get it all done now
His frustration was growing

There was so many things to do
So little time to do it all
George had to work so fast fast fast
He had no time to fall

The stuffies were getting worried
That George was going too fast
But George told them to go away
His problems were in the past

This was so much better
Than the blues he had last week
George felt like a king on high
Everyone else was weak

Poor Snuffles was so worried
After caring for George before
Now George just kicked him in the butt
It’s like they weren’t friends anymore

But Snuffles was too smart
To let George throw him away
He sat and watched him patiently
Not knowing what to say

Everyone should have a Snuffles
To take care of them so dearly
Cause sometimes George gets so hyped up
He can’t see very clearly