Now George was in the ER
Sitting restless in a chair
Snuffles sat beside him
He is such a caring bear

George thought there were bugs
Eating up inside him
He needed some more help
For things were looking dim

The lady opened up the door
And called his name out loud
George got up and went to her
His mind was in a cloud

She asked him lots of questions
About home and stuffy life
He answered them as best he could
But he kept wanting a knife

He thought maybe a knife would help
Get rid of all the bugs
But what George really needed
Was some rest and lots of hugs

The doctor gave George some drugs
To help him sleep some more
Then Snuffles took George home to bed
His brain was really sore

George will have to go back in
And stay in the doctor’s care
But if he’s really lucky
He’ll have help from his best bear