George went to the doctor
And now he’s on some meds
That are kinda hard to deal with
He thought he had two heads

But now he gets some sleep
Instead of thinking all the time
And he writes down lots of stuff
Even poems that rhyme

Sometimes he wants to puke
Or his head spins round and round
But Snuffles keeps reminding him
Of the support he’s found

George is getting better
He’s starting to feel fine
He’s even stopped his napping
And goes to bed after nine

Snuffles is so happy
To see George’s smiling face
He even signed the two up
For a 5K running race

George started exercising
And cleaning up his room
And he even pulls his pranks again
When he hides and then yells “BOOM!”

The stuffies are so happy
To see George at his best
To learn to like all of himself
And forget about the rest