Snuffles wanted to go camping
He heard that it was fun
Building a fire and pitching a tent
Getting up with the sun

So he herded up the stuffies
And they went out to the lake
Smurfy unpacked the bags of food
He thought he’d have time to bake

But Snuffles had some other plans
They were going for a hike
But George doesn’t like to work too hard
So he set off on his bike

They reached the top of Stuffy Mountain
And then headed down the hill
When lightning struck the mountainside
It gave them quite a thrill

George got back and made a fire
To make the stuffies lunch
Then he fried up chips and pickles
They were quite an silly bunch

Smurfy pitched the tent
But only secured the left hand side
“I can’t see right” he yelled in his defence
Then he jumped inside to hide

But the stuffies didn’t care
They had fun anyway
Stuffies just want some company
To have a fantastic day