Depression can cause apathy
And George has had it all day long
He doesn’t like anyone at all
And he can’t tell it’s wrong

He woke up in the morning
Wanted to stay in bed
The phone rang but he left it
His brain was full of dread

He forced himself awake
And slothed into the shower
But he forgot to wash his hair
His brain had lost its power

He tried to force himself to eat
But he couldn’t taste a thing
So he had himself a cup of tea
And tried to be a king

He sat himself up in a chair
And read a royal book
But his eyes wouldn’t stay on the page
He still wasn’t off the hook

He went out for a walk
And heard the squirrels and birds
But he couldn’t feel the warm fresh air
And now he lost his rhyme

Poor George, he is not quite himself
We hope he’ll feel well soon
Until then he’ll be all wrapped up
Like a little stuffed cocoon