Barry was so hungry
For he’d been out all day
He ate up the whole mini bar
And then went to the buffet

He drank the seven dollar water
And the more expensive pop
He kept eating and drinking
Until he finally had to stop

Barry rolled around
On the hotel room floor
It wasn’t until the maid came in
And found him wanting more

“Barry wants some cake,” he cried
And she put him on the bed
Then she restocked the mini bar
And pat his furry head

As soon as she was gone
Barry opened up the bar
Still no cake but lots of chips
And peanuts in a jar

As soon as Barry took the jar
A little light turned red
“Uh oh, Barry bad,” he said
And hid upon the bed

When Mum got the hotel bill
It went on and on and on
She looked at Barry on the bed
His innocence was gone

So Barry worked real hard
Cleaning floors and doing dishes
To pay for the hotel bill
And not go swimming with the fishes